Lack of organizational focus, excessive expenses, rework, over-processing, unnecessary delays, underutilized staff, non-compliance, and more. More than three decades ago, Karen Martin developed a skill for identifying and eliminating performance-sapping problems.

In 1993, after building and managing the operational infrastructure for several rapid-growth organizations, she launched her firm to help other organizations deliver on the key tenet for outstanding business performance: utilize the minimum resources necessary to deliver high levels of customer value, while creating work environments that attract and retain top talent.

In 2000, the firm began introducing Lean management practices to clients around the globe. Today, The Karen Martin Group Inc. helps organizations in every sector deliver higher quality goods and services faster and at lower cost, while developing organization-wide continuous improvement and problem-solving capabilities, and drawing out every person’s full potential. As a result, clients are able to gain market share, grow their margins, and become an employer of choice to attract and retain the best talent.

Clients hire The Karen Martin Group when they seek deep expertise, objectivity, and/or additional bandwidth.

What We Do

Full Transformation

This multi-year journey creates high-performing operations, a culture of continuous improvement, and the management and problem-solving practices to accelerate growth.

Value Stream Transformation

This six to nine-month journey sharpens the performance of a single value stream, resulting in shorter lead times, higher quality, freed capacity, improved margins, and a better customer experience.

Targeted Improvement

If you’d like to improve a specific process or work area, or solve a specific problem, we facilitate the process from problem definition through execution and stabilization of the improvement.

Strategy Deployment

Too many organizations fail to realize significant results because they lack focus. We help you create and manage a prioritized plan for improvement that aligns leadership and keeps distraction at bay.

Organization Assessment

You’ve been on the journey to excellence for a while, but you’d like to deepen and accelerate results. This two-day assessment gives you the insights and recommendations you need to choose the best path forward.

Workforce Development

Many people underestimate the effort it takes to build leadership and improvement capabilities. We deliver workshops and project-based learning programs to deepen understanding and build skills.

What You Gain

Faster Delivery

Quality is an expectation and markets increasingly set price, making speed today’s key differentiator. One client reduced order-to-delivery lead time for complex design from 20 months to 8 months and improved on-time delivery of another product from 10% to 90%.

Freed Capacity

By reducing wasteful steps and the overall work effort required to deliver customer value, you free capacity to absorb additional growth and provide greater value to your customers. Clients have gained the equivalent of 40 FTEs in a single improvement effort.

Improved Quality

End-product quality is essential, but in-process information quality is equally crucial. It’s typically very low, which places significant drag on an organization. Most clients experience at least a three-fold improvement in both information and end-product quality.

Reduced Expenses

Collectively, our clients have eliminated millions of dollars of unnecessary expense, including money tied up in excess inventory, overtime, unused licenses, unneeded space, expedited transportation, supplies with short expiration dates, and much more.

Increased Sales

While causal relationships are more difficult to define in sales, our clients have been able to capture 15-25% gains that they directly attribute to improvement efforts. Related results also include reduced customer churn, faster time to market, and higher conversions.

Improved Effectiveness

Improved effectiveness includes a wide range of issues, including RFQ conversions, fewer noncompliance fines, higher percentage of litigation wins, faster learning curves for new hires, and more. Most clients are able to see at least a 30% gain in targeted areas.

Karen Martin made all the difference for our business at a critical time. She has a keen ability to quickly assess and diagnose the problems in any organization. She works tenaciously with her clients to drive high impact results. — Lauren Abrams, CEO

Our Team

We look forward to helping you improve your business performance and create work environments that allow all parties to excel.

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