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Rules Are Meant to Be (Thoughtfully) Broken

When I learned The Outstanding Organization’s publication date, I groaned. The book was slated for release in July 2012, just as summer vacations were getting into full swing and leaders were heading to the beach for some decidedly non-business relaxation. If they … More ►

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The Bane of Organizational ADD

Businesses routinely attempt to accomplish too much and quickly lose focus when the next fire erupts or a new shiny ball appears. When I work with clients, one of the first things I assess is the degree to which they … More ►

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Avoiding Organizational ADD

Outstanding organizations—indeed outstanding individuals—are highly proficient in two related skills: prioritization and focus. They don’t flit from one project or goal to the next, in many cases never completing them (or completing them well). They are masters at ignoring distractions, … More ►

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