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Gaining Clarity through Value Stream Mapping

In The Outstanding Organization, I assert that outstanding organizations operate with high degrees of clarity, focus, discipline, and engagement. In the chapter on clarity, I present the various way in which ambiguity and lack of awareness creates confusion and misperception, which can lead … More ►

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The Problem with Fuzzy Words

Those of you who’ve read my recent book, The Outstanding Organization, know that clarity, focus, discipline, and engagement are the four core behaviors required to achieve outstanding performance. I’ve started referring to clarity as the “big kahuna.” It’s the most … More ►

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Problem Solving: Is There an Easier Way?

For many months now, I’ve have a rash of random encounters and conversations with people who mention in one form or another that they want “easy.” I, too, am a fan of easy. I want intuitive products, a rare need … More ►

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