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3 Ways to Tame Email Chaos

Today I’m featuring a guest post by one of The Karen Martin Group team members, Tiffany Mock Holton, who shares her take on how to better manage email. In supporting companies’ transformation efforts, we often notice (and clients often note … More ►

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The Allure (and Myth) of Multitasking

As I explain the Focus chapter in The Outstanding Organization, multitasking is a fallacy—you can only perform one cognitive task at a time. What you actually do is “switch-task,” which, according to Professor David Meyer at the University of Michigan, adds 20-40% … More ►

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Hello Phone: Welcome Back!

A disciplined Lean thinker is always looking to improve his or her own personal efficiency and effectiveness. Lately I’ve had ample opportunity to explore how we’re using–or not using as the case may be–an “old-fashioned” tool: the telephone. Are you … More ►

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