Rather than entering into client engagements with a pre-determined “program,” we tailor our approach to fit a client’s unique needs. To build self-sufficiency as quickly as possible, we help you build problem solving, critical thinking, innovation, and continuous improvement capabilities at the same time that we help you generate rapid results.

Some of the more common services we provide include:

  • Lean, operational, leadership, and cultural assessments
  • Lean transformation plan development
  • Strategy deployment (hoshin kanri) plan development
  • Leading extended transformation engagements
  • Value stream transformation
  • Establishing kaizen cultures and Kaizen Event facilitation
  • Developing Lean leaders
  • Establishing visual management systems
  • Process design and management
  • Productivity and communication improvement
  • Building effective teams

Whether you need assistance in solving a specific problem, undertaking a full Lean management transformation, jump-starting a stalled focus on improvement, or merely developing a core capability or two, we help you achieve your goals and Profit through Simplicity.

  • While our typical client engagement is heavily coaching- and facilitation-based, we also provide traditional consulting to assist our clients with transformation-related issues, such as:

    • Assessing and investigating operations
    • Assessing organizational maturity and needs
    • Creating a transformation roadmap
    • Build high-performing teams
    • Developing an infrastructure to support transformation
    • Identifying current workforce and leadership capabilities and development needs
    • Evaluating how much change the organization can reasonably absorb over specified periods of time and creating an appropriate execution plan
    • Developing communication strategies for introducing change
    • Shifting to value stream-aligned organizational structures
    • Defining relevant key performance indicators, dashboards, and an approach for ongoing measurement and improvement
    • Building process management capabilities

    In all cases, we work with our clients to create clear, measurable objectives and to secure organizational alignment around the approach best suited to meet those objectives.

  • We facilitate the following team-based improvement activities:

    • Strategy deployment plan development (also referred to as hoshin planning)
    • Value Stream Mapping
    • Metrics-Based Process Mapping
    • A3 Problem Solving (Plan-Do-Study-Adjust)
    • Kaizen Events
    • Project management

    We also facilitate activities geared to stimulating innovation, building consensus, improving teamwork, and resolving conflict.

  • Building proficiency in any endeavor—whether golf, piano, ballet, or acting—is best achieved by working with a skilled coach. Developing organizational capabilities around problem solving and continuous improvement, personal productivity, and leadership is no exception.

    We offer both onsite and virtual coaching to senior leaders, middle managers, and improvement practitioners to develop one’s knowledge and skill set, with the larger goal of improving organizational performance.

    Current and past clients coaching objectives have included guidance about how to:

    • Solve problems using A3 Management
    • Select the proper countermeasures for specific problems
    • Determine appropriate key performance measures
    • Create an improvement-minded culture
    • Sell Lean to senior leadership
    • Develop leader standard work
    • Plan and facilitate Value Stream Mapping activities and Kaizen Events
    • Analyze operations and determine leadership development needs
    • Create an organizational transformation plan
    • Build an internal infrastructure (Lean Office) to support transformation
    • Resolve interpersonal and inter-departmental conflict
    • Build proficiency as a problem-solving coach
    • Reduce resistance to change
    • Quantify improvement (including both hard and soft results)
    • Instill productivity-enhancing work practices into the workplace
    • Design effective open-space work environments
    • Calculate and sell improvement results
    • Remove obstacles to success
    • Accelerate results

    Our onsite coaching fees are based on the nature of the need and whether it’s a one-time engagement, time limited, or an ongoing relationship.

    Virtual coaching is available for $350 USD per hour or a series of 10 one-hour sessions for $3,000 USD. We use Skype, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts for webcam and screen sharing, and/or regular telephone for conversation only.

    Please email us at [email protected] and let us know how we can help.

    Personal Productivity

    We also offer personal productivity coaching. Tiffany Holton works one-on-one with individuals who seek greater personal productivity and the improved quality, increased fulfillment, and reduced stress that accompanies it.

    Coaching is tailored to the individual’s needs, but generally centers around:

    • Email management
    • To-do systems
    • Calendar management
    • Weekly reviews
    • Procrastination
    • Paper files
    • Hard drive/shared drive organization
    • Goal-setting

    Leadership “Soft Skills” Coaching

    Tina Jackson works with managers and senior leaders to help them build critical people skills, accomplish their goals with greater ease, assess and leverage existing strengths, and increase self-insight. Areas of focus often include (but are not limited to):

    • Emotional intelligence
    • Trust building and communication
    • Giving performance feedback
    • Work/life satisfaction
    • Self-awareness and self-management
    • Overcoming presentation anxiety

    Following initial assessment and goal-setting sessions, we begin the coaching phase drawing on dialogue, observations, feedback, and assignments. The sessions provide the arena in which to learn new techniques and develop new behaviors. After the client’s goals are achieved, we remain available for periodic refreshers and/or to measure behavior change through assessment instruments and feedback from initial stakeholders (if relevant).

  • We offer a wide variety of development programs that produce outcomes that range from gaining general awareness to developing deep proficiency and that are geared to the full range of employees, from senior leaders to the frontlines. Depending on the client’s learning objectives, our workshops and training programs range from brief one-day sessions to our to project-based Lean Practitioner and Facilitator Certificate Programs, during which participants meet for 12 class sessions over the course of four months to build deeper capabilities around improvement tools and core business management practices.

    Value Stream Mapping

    In our 1.5-day workshop, learn how to plan and scope a value stream mapping activity, create current and future state maps, and develop actionable transformation plans. The workshop also covers leadership’s role, how to engage the entire workforce in value stream improvements, and how to calculate value stream performance, both current state and projected.

    The Outstanding Organization

    Learn how to transform your organization by instilling the fundamentals for excellence—clarity, focus, discipline and engagement—into your company’s DNA.

    Training options:

    • One-day Executive Overview
    • Four-session Intensive (one full day on each of the four organizational behaviors)

    Lean, Six Sigma & Continuous Improvement

    Principles & Practices

    • Lean Overview – ½ day to 2-day sessions geared to executives, middle managers, or front-line staff; all include a simulation
    • Building a Lean Culture – 1 day
    • Lean Leadership – 2 days
    • Problem Solving via A3 Management – Project-based; 4 days of classroom work + 4-6 online coaching sessions per project; delivered over the course of 2-3 months

    Analytical Tools

    • Value Stream Mapping – 3 days
    • Metrics-Based Process Mapping – 1 day
    • Root Cause Analysis – 2 days

    Certificate Programs

    • Lean Practitioner Certificate Program
    • Lean Facilitator Certificate Program – participants must have completed the practitioner certificate program or demonstrate proficiency in the content
    • Six Sigma Green Belt
    • Six Sigma Black Belt

    Countermeasures– all are available in ½ day and 1 day versions, depending on the depth of learning desired.

    • 5S
    • Changeover & setup reduction
    • Error-proofing (poka yokes; quality at the source)
    • Kanban Pull Systems (includes FIFO lane content as well)
    • Load leveling
    • Work balancing via Takt time (also includes content on creating appropriate job aids)
    • Work standardization
    • Cross-training and co-location (work cells)

     Execution Tools

    • Kaizen Events – 3 days

    Process Management

    • Continuous Improvement/Kaizen
    • Key Performance Indicators
    • Process Ownership

    Essential Managerial Skills

    • Presentation Skills
    • Emotional Intelligence
    • Influencing Skills
    • Coaching Skills (performance coaching, not improvement coaching)
    • Meeting Management and Facilitation
    • Personal Productivity