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Decision-Making Hierarchy

As many of you know, I’m a rabid fan of clarity (along with focus, discipline, and engagement, the foundational organizational behaviors that I address in The Outstanding Organization).
In many organizations, the opposite of clarity—ambiguity—is the productivity-sapping, chaos-producing norm. By trading … More ►

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Gaining Clarity through Value Stream Mapping

In The Outstanding Organization, I assert that outstanding organizations operate with high degrees of clarity, focus, discipline, and engagement. In the chapter on clarity, I present the various way in which ambiguity and lack of awareness creates confusion and misperception, which can lead … More ►

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Great Visuals: Subway Maps

I’ve long been a fan of ease, which is a large reason why Lean management has always appealed to me—and why I’m such a fan of visual management.
Well-designed visuals provide clarity and ease—ease in understanding, and ease in knowing when … More ►

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