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The Allure (and Myth) of Multitasking

As I explain the Focus chapter in The Outstanding Organization, multitasking is a fallacy—you can only perform one cognitive task at a time. What you actually do is “switch-task,” which, according to Professor David Meyer at the University of Michigan, adds 20-40% … More ►

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Avoiding Organizational ADD

Outstanding organizations—indeed outstanding individuals—are highly proficient in two related skills: prioritization and focus. They don’t flit from one project or goal to the next, in many cases never completing them (or completing them well). They are masters at ignoring distractions, … More ►

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Accountability or Chaos?

New clients nearly always list “greater accountability” on their short list of performance improvement goals. Leaders cite missed project deadlines, finger pointing, and “not my problem” behavior as evidence that they have an accountability problem. I see it differently: they have … More ►

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