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The Case for Kaizen Events

One thing that there’s no shortage of in life is criticism about things we don’t fully understand—or haven’t experienced success with. Another thing there’s no shortage of is throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Broad generalizations—especially those that are … More ►

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Value Stream Mapping: Ferrari or Pinto?

Mike Osterling and I decided to write our latest book, Value Stream Mapping,  to deepen people’s understanding about this powerful improvement methodology. In particular, we wanted to help the many organizations that:

Remain unfamiliar with the practice
Underutilize the method
Misuse the tool

Notice that I refer … More ►

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Does Lean Really Work?

Yes. It really does. Deployed properly, that is.
One of the biggest problems we currently face in the Lean movement is that there are an increasing number of people “spreading the word” about Lean in its various shapes and forms who … More ►

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