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Does Lean Really Work?

Yes. It really does. Deployed properly, that is.
One of the biggest problems we currently face in the Lean movement is that there are an increasing number of people “spreading the word” about Lean in its various shapes and forms who … More ►

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Got Mad Coaching Skills?

If you’re a leader or an improvement professional, becoming an effective coach is THE capability to be developed and, frankly, most people in these roles are not very good at it. Why? Because most people with an aptitude for and … More ►

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Is Lean Dependent on Executive Support?

Unequivocally, YES. But…there’s more to the story. We don’t throw in the towel if we don’t have all of the preexisting conditions in place.
Without the support of the senior most leader (which I’ll refer to as CEO), you can achieve … More ►

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