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7 Reasons Why Most Organizations Don’t Know Their Customers

It’s difficult to say when and where the concept of “business” was borne. It’s often attributed to ancient Roman law and to British law in the early 1500′s. The Dutch East India Company, established in 1602 in modern-day Jakarta, is often viewed … More ►

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Great Visuals: Subway Maps

I’ve long been a fan of ease, which is a large reason why Lean management has always appealed to me—and why I’m such a fan of visual management.
Well-designed visuals provide clarity and ease—ease in understanding, and ease in knowing when … More ►

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Does Lean Really Work?

Yes. It really does. Deployed properly, that is.
One of the biggest problems we currently face in the Lean movement is that there are an increasing number of people “spreading the word” about Lean in its various shapes and forms who … More ►

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