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Developing Lean “Chops”

Friday was a deeply gratifying day. It was one of those joyful days that, as a improvement consultant/coach and change “facilitator,” makes up for those grueling days when facing massive resistance and disappointing days when a client doesn’t come close … More ►

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Problem Solving: Is There an Easier Way?

For many months now, I’ve have a rash of random encounters and conversations with people who mention in one form or another that they want “easy.” I, too, am a fan of easy. I want intuitive products, a rare need … More ►

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My Venture into Blogging

I’ve been thinking about blogging for about five years. A few years ago, a friend who knew I was thinking about it (and has long felt I needed to be blogging) prodded me with a gift, The Huffington Post Complete … More ►

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