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Does Lean Really Work?

Yes. It really does. Deployed properly, that is.
One of the biggest problems we currently face in the Lean movement is that there are an increasing number of people “spreading the word” about Lean in its various shapes and forms who … More ►

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Metrics-Based Process Mapping: What & How

Mike Osterling and my new book, Metrics-Based Process Mapping, appears to be striking a cord with many. Yesterday I held a webinar with the highest attendance ever. People from 12 countries gathered to learn about how to use Metrics-Based Process … More ►

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The Bane of Organizational ADD

Businesses routinely attempt to accomplish too much and quickly lose focus when the next fire erupts or a new shiny ball appears. When I work with clients, one of the first things I assess is the degree to which they … More ►

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