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Gaining Clarity through Value Stream Mapping

In The Outstanding Organization, I assert that outstanding organizations operate with high degrees of clarity, focus, discipline, and engagement. In the chapter on clarity, I present the various way in which ambiguity and lack of awareness creates confusion and misperception, which can lead … More ►

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Podcast with Scott Rutherford

After my keynote at the American Society for Quality’s World Conference, I finally caught up with Square Peg Musing’s Scott Rutherford for a podcast interview. Scott and I have been “two ships passing in the night” at various conferences. It … More ►

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The Outstanding Organization Book Trailer

After receiving notification that I won a 2013 Shingo Research Prize for my book, The Outstanding Organization, the Shingo organization asked me to submit a video that summarizes by book.
I’ve always admired Dan Pink’s trailer about his book, Drive, which was … More ►

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