To aid in deepening your understanding and skill set without the time and expense of traveling to workshops and conferences, we offer FREE practical webinars that bring the learning to you. We keep theory to a minimum so you can learn new skills that you can begin applying immediately. We look forward to you joining us!

“I’ve learned more from your webinars than all the classes that I’ve taken!”
—Paulette Golden, Washington State Department of Labor & Industries

“Love your webinars! You are always straight and to the point, which for some reason seems to be unusual these days.”
—Nena Nemec, Performance Improvement Engineer, Mayo Clinic Health System

“Last week’s webinar was excellent. You have a skill / talent for making Lean both relevant and interesting. You are superb at answering questions in a concise, relaxed, very insightful way.”
—Paul Haddix, Six Sigma Project Manager, CIGNA              

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