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Value Stream Mapping: Lead Time April 8, 2014

One of the joys of writing a book is interacting with readers. Many authors experience forehead-thumping “duh!” moments as they hear questions and realize that they left out an important detail or could have provided an example to clarify. Now that … More ►

The Power of Hope in Improvement April 2, 2014

I love how conversations can challenge one’s thinking and spark new ideas. Interviews—for a new job, a board position, or with the media—are particularly rich opportunities to stretch your mental muscles and discover what you really believe. And sometimes you … More ►

7 Reasons Why Most Organizations Don’t Know Their Customers March 23, 2014

It’s difficult to say when and where the concept of “business” was borne. It’s often attributed to ancient Roman law and to British law in the early 1500′s. The Dutch East India Company, established in 1602 in modern-day Jakarta, is often viewed … More ►

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